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What We Do

We help you make sense of the financial and investment planning world — and it all starts with a plan.

Initial Meeting Issues & Considerations Discovery Design Recommendation (Draft/Final) Implementation Plan Summary

In our initial meetings, we take the time to consider both what is important to you and what may be keeping you up at night. Our goal is to support you in crystalizing your goals and objectives. This discovery process allows us to design customized, holistic strategies to bring your plans to life.

Throughout this process, we take the responsibility to combine our in-house expertise with your other trusted advisors. This process assures that all important and relevant information is integrated into your customized plan.

An effective, dependable financial plan generally requires analysis and input from key advisors including your CPA, attorney, banker, etc. While we are planners and fiduciaries for your investments, we also take responsibility for coordinating all key advisors. This is essential to ensure all of your advisors are acting in concert to minimize oversites and maximize efficiencies.

Key Partnerships

The Summit Partners leverages the resources and capabilities of both Eagle Strategies, LLC and New York Life Insurance Company. Eagle Strategies is a Registered Investment Advisor and a wholly owned subsidiary of New York Life.

Both of these relationships allow us to have a more robust planning focus so that our team can focus on holistic investment advisory and financial planning services. We leverage Eagle's sophisticated wealth management platform, comprised of many of today's leading investment managers, to design customized investment solutions to help address our clients' unique investment objectives and risk tolerance levels. Our firm's breadth and investment knowledge, coupled with Eagle's diverse team of investment experts, allows us to provide the continuous financial guidance needed to help our clients achieve long-term financial success.

New York Life is finely attuned to regulatory and compliance requirements. The Summit Partners strives to provide consistency and clarity of performance that helps our clients achieve their financial goals. New York Life affords us and our clients the benefits of a company with a solid foundation built over 174 years.

*Services provided through The Summit Partners, LLC.


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