Account Links


  • A safe way to exchange documents
  • See your whole financial picture
  • Review your financial plan**


  • View your Eagle Strategies Investment accounts
  • See Performance reporting on these accounts
  • See allocation or investment manager information for these accounts


  • Find important tax documents, statements, and correspondence related to Eagle Strategies Investment accounts and NYLife Securities Brokerage accounts
  • See detailed account history information on these accounts
  • Place your own trades in your NYLife Brokerage accounts (this is not an option for Eagle Strategies accounts)


  • Review your life insurance, annuities and Long-Term Care insurance accounts
  • Find important tax documents, statements, and correspondence from NYL related to these accounts
  • Make address changes or billing changes to these accounts
  • Make payments to these accounts

**Note if you do not have access to the eMoney platform and would like to, please talk to your financial advisor.


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