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Planning For Business Owners

Financial planning and business planning for business owners requires a diversified skill set. The planner needs to understand your unique circumstances and challenges. Below are some of the issues and concerns our clients commonly have where we can be a key resource:

  • Risk Management and Liquidity: Protecting your business and maintaining cashflow.
  • Business Asset Ownership: Advising on personal, trust or corporate ownership of assets.
  • Business Succession: Who will run your business when you step down or become unable? Who will purchase your business?
    • Sale to an outsider
    • Sale to a partner
    • Sale to family member
    • Sale to employees
  • Family Business Succession: Setting the next generation up for success for the benefit of your family in the long term.
  • Retirement Plans: What is the best choice for your business? SIMPLE and SEP plans, 401k, Defined Benefit, etc.
  • Employee Benefit and Retention Plans: Leveraging cost-effective benefits for owners, partners, and executives that create comprehensive benefits for your employees.
  • Key Employee Deferred Compensation Plans: Providing deferred comp plans that afford your employees financial incentive to stay with your business and thrive.
  • Tax Efficient Strategies: Minimizing personal and business tax liability through planning.
  • Estate Planning: Managing the pass-through process of the wealth and assets you have accumulated through the running of a successful business.

While many of our clients are aware of these objectives, they rarely become high-priority until a problem arises. Creating solutions in that environment is inherently less effective. By focusing on these business planning strategies early and often, it allows us to create the most effective solutions.

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